For all but about three years of my life, I have lived with at least one dog, currently we have three in the house a Chocolate Lab called Roxy, a Black Lab cross called Boo, and Kimi the 19 week old Chocolate Lab puppy.

Dogs hold a very special place in my heart, and there one of my absolute favourite subjects for photography, and as such I spend almost as much of my time playing with my four-legged models as I do photographing them.  It’s especially important for me to get along with your dog as I’m going to be crawling around on the floor with them taking photos so its best that we all get off on the right foot.

Successful Dog portraits need a happy pooch, and the best planned session can soon turn into something completely different if the dog decides otherwise, adaptability is the name of the game here, because of this every session is approached in the way that best suits your dog. If she’s happy at home laying on a blanket in a box whilst I decorate her with flowers, Fantastic!! If however she’s shy and only happy running in a field thats exactly where we go… It’s all up to the dog…(well ok and the owner.)

View some of my favourite doggy photos

With sessions starting from £75, a free online gallery, App and beautiful Fine Art Prints & Wall Hangings made to order it’s time your pooch took pride of place on your wall as well as in your heart. To talk about your pampered pooches all star photoshoot contact me here.