Meet Kimi…

….She’s an 11 week old Chocolate Lab puppy, she’s very brown, very very cute and has brought masses of fun, and chaos to our house this Christmas.

This is the youngest puppy I have ever spent any real-time around, all of the others I’ve had have been rescued at between 4 and 7 months old, and I had never thought how much like human babies they are.  She’s not a fan of the Hoover, loves a game of tug, gets her ears in her food bowl, stands in her water dish, hides behind you if its raining, and is starting to let us know whenever she needs to go out, although she isn’t always a fan (see previous regarding the rain).

As well as sleeping and eating, Kimi’s hobbies include, shouting at the Hoover, pulling her raggie, snoring, digging up any cardboard that may (or may not) need digging curling up on your lap to sleep, and most importantly, destroying anything made from her mortal enemy Newspaper!!!


The other two aren’t really too sure what to make of her, Roxy just wants to play and play and play, and then maybe a bit of light playing followed by a good old fasioned bout of playing, she didn’t even complain too much about being used as a step by a certain puppy to get down from the chair. Boo on the other hand isn’t so sure, very happy from a distance even up close through the pen wall but not so keen when getting jumped at, although a sneakey bout of ear licking has been obseved…

As this is the first new arrival in the family for quite a while you can be sure to expect many updates on the adventures of Kimi over the years to come.

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