House on the Point

If I told you that I drove for 14 hours to sit in a 3 square meter room for 3 days straight you may well think I’m not quite right in the head, and you may be right but not because of this trip… The House on the Point has one massive thing going for it……… The View is AMAZING!!!

In February this year I was lucky enough to visit the Isle of Skye, nothing but me, my wife and our two dogs, in a little cottage chosen primarily because it allowed dogs, had an open fire, and no neighbours, internet or phone signal, Perfect!!!

So after a very, very long drive through the night we found ourselves turning onto the “main” road down to our isolated little cottage.  A quarter of an hour later and wondering if we had driven of the end of the world, we arrived at The House on the Point, and for three days we sat in the tiny yet perfect porch on the front of the house overlooking Kyle Rhea.


After a couple of days supplies were running low and an adventure out of the house to find some food seemed appropriate.  Off we set into a light flurry of snow thinking of bacon sarnies and was it really a 15 minute drive back over the hill…. About a third of the way up the hill, the one and only set of car tracks in the snow we had been following made a quite obvious U-turn at a passing place and headed back down into the sheltered little valley….

This was, in hindsight an experienced local knowing that if it was this bad here then higher up it would be worse, but I didn’t even think of being “stuck” somewhere, and just carried on regardless, about 4 minutes later…….. We’re stuck, but look at that view …..

After an hour of sitting in a car that was slowly slipping towards the edge of the road the best looking gritter I’ve ever seen came into view and our troubles were over…Back to the bacon sarnie hunt…

I was unprepared for Skye in general it is without doubt one of the most beautiful places in the world, everywhere you look there is a waterfall or seafront, even the odd castle thrown in for good measure.

With views like this it’s hard to go back to the house but when you do there is always someone waiting not to far away with some dinner. This little chap visited every day coming right up onto the beach behind the house, and enjoying the fresh local seafood.

The House on the Point gave us one of the best holidays we have ever taken, the place itself is beautiful, the locals are lovely, and the food is incredible, We will be going back for sure.

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