Here we go….

So here it is my new and improved photography website, alongside my first ever attempt at a blog…. So what now?

Having never done any sort of blogging my aim for this site is mainly to be a series posts following my adventures both big and small whilst taking photos or not (there may well be the odd photo of my family, friends and dogs too). So hello, welcome, come in, pull up a chair, sit back, relax and let’s have a cuppa…

As you’ll see from the side bar thingy and the links at the top there’s more here than just the ramblings of a beardy photographer, the rest of the site is all about photography too (probably less dogs but no promises), it shows some of my work and some of the things I love to take photos of, there’s even a gallery where you can get prints of a very select few of my landscapes and other things that catch my eye.  There are also links down the bottom of the page to Facebook and Instagram where it would be great if you stopped by to say hello.

That’s it for the first one, please get in touch with any questions you may have or of course if you need some photos taken.

Thanks for visiting


oh and speaking of dogs….. we were right? Here’s a couple of pics of mine.

Roxy Dog
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