Hi and welcome, I’m Matt and I’m a photographer living in the South East of the UK.

I have been taking photographs since I was a child, and I truly believe there is beauty in everything. Babies (especially when asleep) are truly a wonder, in either human or animal form, and a finely crafted piece of exclusive jewellery gives infinite possibilities. My other passion is landscapes; I love the muted beauty of a misty dawn in a forest or the drama of a waterfall crashing into a ravine.

I embrace the challenge of every shoot I do, from a playground full of fast-moving kids to the silent beauty of ancient scenery, or from a muddy puppy shoot to the maddest toddler Halloween party.  I look forward to each opportunity to capture something special, a precious moment , a warm memory, a unique image and of course to have a lot of fun along the way.

To see more of my portfolio click here and for client galleries click here 


Photographing people is a life long obsession for me even the most simple corporate headshot deserves absolute attention to detail and a connection between the subject and camera.

For more spacifics on people photography click on these links

Family   –   Newborn   –   Performers   –   Portraits



Lets face it, for those of us with pets, this is family photography……

Your pet be they a dog, cat, horse, rabbit or anything else is a much loved and treasured part of your family. Celebrating these furry (or not so furry) loved ones is a must and what better way than with some beautiful pictures…..read more


Just as everybody needs a good photo, so does everywhere. Todays ever changing digital environment means for your business to stand out it must present its self in the best possible light, Perfect pictures of your Holiday home or cottage are essential and only a click away. View some recent Property Pictures

School marketing is an art in itself and with uniforms changing year on year and every parent wanting to capture every moment, chaos is only just round the corner. Working closely with a local photographer allows you to get the images every body needs with none of the hassle. View some recent School Marketing Pictures

As I’m incapable of leaving my camera behind, I also take photos of the various places I am lucky enough to visit, you can see links to some recent galleries below

Landscapes     –     Ancient Sites     –     Isle of Skye

About Matt

Alongside photography, my life has been full and varied. I have worked in a variety of fields from food service and retail to corporate IT, right through to steel fabrication and live rock festival events. I love to be challenged and always strive to create the best from every situation.

I live near London with my wife, daughter and two dogs (all of whom are sick of being photographed) and they, as my family are my world and the main focus in my life.  As well as my family and photography I am very passionate about music of most sorts and am a keen musician ( well drummer).

I love the challenge of every shoot I do from a playground full of fast-moving kids, to the tiniest detail in a piece of jewellery, or from the most formal of dinner dance portraits, to the maddest toddler Halloween party, I look forward to the challenge, and I hope to make it  a lot of fun for everyone involved.

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